Bodrum; Bitez, Yahşi, Ortakent Villas Master Plan and Reorganization of the Promenade

  • Client: Bodrum Munincipality
  • Location: Bodrum
  • Project Date: March-July 1986
  • Architectural Design: Ersen Gürsel
  • Architects: Haydar Karabey ( Architect/ Urban Planner),
    Oya Erar (Architect/ Urban Planner),
    Gönül Şahin (Architect/ Urban Planner),
    Orhan Demir (Urban Planner),
    Betül Sayın (Architect/ Urban Planner)
  • Zoning Law Consultant: Yücel Ünal
  • Construction Date: 1986-1987
  • Proje Disiplini: CITY PLANNING
  • Proje Durumu: Completed

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