Study of Newly Emerging Slums and Design of Housing Units in Under-developed parts of the City

  • Client: Ministry of Development and Housing of Turkey
  • Location: Türkiye (Typical Project)
  • Project Date: 1987
  • Architectural Design: Ersen Gürsel,
    Selçuk Batur
  • Construction Engineering: Yapı Merkezi
  • Plumbing: Erdoğan Atakar (Y.Müh. / İTÜ)
  • Electrical Engineering: Aydın İpekoğlu (Y.Müh. / İTÜ)
  • *: First Honorable Mansion
  • Proje Durumu: 1. Mention
  • Proje Disiplini: URBAN DESIGN
  • Proje Tipi: COMPETITION